REACTIONISM 1993:  " Ties Trophies Tombstones and Ties "

Once a sign of membership in a select club, private school or military regiment, the tie has evolved into a symbol with the power to communicate how people feel and think.
The tie, believes Gary Silverberg, can stand alone as a free form of individual expression. A business warrior may use the tie's ancient, mythical roots as a flag or shield to show coveted membership in alliances, or as an abstract art-form to express moods, feelings, virility, and sometimes, as a camouflage for those messages.
The tie is one of the few forms of individual expression that permits eccentricity as well as conformity.  It can proclaim the political beliefs, bureaucratic status and conservative nature of the person wearing or woman...and any emotion from laughter to rage.
Silverberg, founder of the Reactionist movement states, in his "Reactionsism 93- Ties, Trophies, Tombstones, Ties" exhibition, what the tie has become: an expression of ideology, philosophy and beliefs. He uses the tie to symbolize the individual.
The ties evolution into skilled communicator led Silverberg to make it the prime character and story teller in   "  Reactionsism 93- Ties, Trophies, Tombstones, Ties".