"Art is Business , Business is Art"
Excerpt from Silverberg Line Business Plan
Section 1 - Concept Overview
The Retail Concept

Artist and entrepreneur Gary Silverberg has succeeded in creating a line of clothing and accessory items that is being hailed by critics as meaningful contemporary art. This product line is, at the same time, a proven global retail success, with an already well-defined large target market.

The widespread appeal of the Silverberg Line lies in the fact that it arises from Silverberg’s conviction that art is business, and that business is art. The product line celebrates this creative crossover by welcoming the world of business into a new significance. It positions business as the only meaningful art of our times.
The Silverberg Product line is extremely liberating, capitalizing on the triumph of the casual trend in business wear. Each Silverberg product incorporates an emblem or graphic representation of Silverberg’s art, and will thus immediately identify the wearer/bearer as an examplar of Silverberg’s positioning: that serious corporate power is increasingly carried with real comfort and with great style. Here, for the first time, is not just new casual clothing, but rather Power Casual Clothing.The retail boutiques erected to carry the new product line will be exciting environmental experiences, borrowing from and enriching the idea and success behind the Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood concepts. It will also add a vivid mix of original, always surprising, and imaginative features which position the Silverberg boutiques in a distinctive place between a traditional retail outlet and an exiting, avant-garde, contemporary art gallery. They will offer a new kind of excitement and unpredictability to the customer. The high profile originality of these unique boutiques will be consistent with the newness of the Silverberg products and will be living demonstrations of the fact that there is no direct competition to the line anywhere. Dressing for the office has already changed profoundly. The Silverberg Line legitimizes casual business clothing. It is casual clothing for serious business. It generates credibility in the new world of business. Exemplifying the evolutionary breaks with traditions that characterizes contemporary business’s new authority.
The limited edition product line will be positioned to the target customer as a line of cool, knowing items whereby the wearer can align himself/herself with the Silverberg philosophy: “That business people no longer merely react to cultural change, but in fact create cultural change. Today’s business is hip, informed and massively creative!”.

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